Slots at Casino Davos

At Casino Davos you will find a colorful mix of the most modern slot machines with every game variation imaginable.

Viva Las Vegas!

The over 60 state-of-the-art machines in the atmospheric gaming room of Casino Davos create an atmosphere like the legendary American desert city. Pure excitement awaits you. Good luck on our slot machines!

The over 60 machines at Casino Davos create an atmosphere like the legendary American desert city. In addition to the unique variety of slot machines, you can expect exciting gaming systems with winning rates of over 90 percent. Presented in the atmospheric ambience of our gaming hall. Good luck with our poker and roulette machines as well as our slot machines!

The slot machines

The slot machines are the classics of the glittering world of slot machines. The traditional lever pull that triggers the game made these devices become legendary as “one-armed bandits”. At Casino Davos, all it takes is a click on the machine button, the reels spin and stop within a few seconds of each other. The machines are equipped with three to five reels, which are displayed either traditionally with the mechanical version or via a video monitor.

Your goal is to display as many matching symbols as possible in the viewing window. The value of the symbols, as well as the weighting of the bet, determines the amount of the win.

Reel devices

The slot machines were developed at the end of the 19th century and are still very popular in the casino world today. With just the push of a button, the reels start rotating and are then stopped individually, staggered over time. The symbol combinations then displayed signal the corresponding win.

Video reel devices

The function of the video reel devices is comparable to the classic reel devices. However, the reels on these slot machines are not displayed mechanically, but rather on the screen via multimedia. Here it is also possible to select different winning lines, which means you can bet on a wide variety of winning combinations. It is also possible to receive bonus games on various devices.

Live game devices

Blackjack, poker or roulette can also be played on machines without having to use the croupier’s services. In roulette, the ball is played electronically into the wheel and transmitted to the screens using a camera.

Automaten Spielerklärung


The Davos Mystery Jackpot represents a special chance of winning. All slot machines – except the roulette machines – are connected to it. A random generator determines at what time and on which gaming device the Davos Mystery is triggered. Ergo: With every game, the Davos Mystery jackpot could fall into your hands.