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Roulette is probably the fairest and most exciting game of chance in the world. It was first played in the 17th century in the entertainment establishments of what was then Paris – with the basic rules that still apply today. Since then, roulette has enjoyed an unparalleled triumph around the world. Roulette can be found in almost every casino and is still one of the most successful and popular casino games in the history of the casino industry.

Roulette – The Game

Roulette is probably the fairest and most exciting game of chance in the world. It was first played in the 17th century in the entertainment establishments of what was then Paris. Since then, the game of roulette has enjoyed an unparalleled triumph around the world and can now be found in almost every casino. Today’s rules of the game are almost identical to those of the 17th century.

Two different variants of roulette have developed over the centuries. The French and the American Roulette. Until about 30 years ago, French roulette was still predominantly played in Europe.

Since then, however, the American version has become more and more popular and has replaced the French version. However, some names or labels on the gaming tables have been adopted from French roulette, such as the names “Zero” for the zero or “Pair” and “Impair” for the even or odd numbers. Likewise, the sharing of the “Easy Chances”, which is very advantageous for the player, was adopted when the “Zero” fell. The bets on French Roulette are made with “chips” and on American Roulette with “chips”.

Roulette – The gaming table

A roulette table consists of the roulette cylinder and the gaming table. The roulette cylinder contains 37 numbers, always alternately colored red and black, with the exception of “Zero,” which is colored green. Each number is assigned a compartment. The sequence of numbers is disordered, but is the same in every roulette cylinder at Casino Davos. The roulette cylinder is always rotated alternately once to the right and once to the left. The croupier always throws in the ball in the opposite direction to the direction of rotation of the cylinder. The number whose pocket the ball remains in wins. The gaming board refers to the part of the table on which players place their bets. The playing field is drawn and all numbers from “Zero” to 36 are arranged in 3 columns. The betting fields for the single and third chances are located on the edge of the number fields. There is also the so-called “racetrack” on the tableau, which serves to provide clarity and make work easier for the croupiers.

Roulette – very easy!

First you need your game chips. You can purchase these at one of the cash registers or at the gaming table. There are so-called value chips on which the respective value in CHF is printed and there are colored chips that do not have a value printed on them. When purchasing these, you can decide for yourself how high the value should be. These chips are called wheel checks. If you choose color chips, you receive your own color, which no other player at this table is allowed to play with. However, these chips cannot be used at any other table. If you want to leave the table, please exchange the remaining Wheelchecks for ValueChips. Value chips can be exchanged for cash at any time at the checkout.

Now you can place your bets. All options are listed in our brochure. If you have any questions about the stakes or need assistance placing bets, please feel free to contact the croupier at any time. He/she will be very happy to help you. Please note the respective table minimum and maximum, these are written on each table.

Roulette is about betting which number slot the ball will fall into in the next game. The croupier asks the players to place the bets with the words “please make the game”. After a short while, the exciting moment comes when the coupier throws down the ball and ends the game with the words “nothing works anymore”. When the ball has fallen, the croupier announces the winning number out loud and marks it on the game board with a small figure, the so-called “dolly”. All chips that did not win are then removed and the winnings are paid out.

The dealer starts with the Simple Odds, the Dozens and the Columns. Here only the winnings are put up for use and the players take their winnings and the stake themselves. The other winnings will be presented to you personally by the croupier. When you play with one color, the win is easy to assign. If the croupier is not sure who the lucky winner is because several players have bet with the same value chips, he asks for the winning pieces individually by pointing to the chip in question with his finger. The winning pieces remain on the table and still belong to the player who placed them. After the winnings have been paid out, they can freely dispose of them again.

When the croupier starts paying out the winnings, the new bets can be placed for the next game. But be careful! You may only bet on the winning number and all associated chances when the croupier has removed the dolly from the number.

After the croupier has paid out all winnings, he asks for the next round of play with the words “please play the game” and the cycle described begins again. All casino employees share in the tips and are therefore very happy about the recognition of their service.

Racetrack bets

The racetrack serves to simplify operations. Instead of placing many chips individually on the table, you can place certain game variants in a simplified manner. If you would like to bet on the racetrack, please hand over the chips to the croupier. He will check the amount that is necessary again.

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Faites vos jeux.
From a stake of CHF 5 you are in.

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